There’s so much I want to tell you that I can’t share publicly…

But in my Patreon I will.

Starting from $5

There's so much I want to tell you that I can't share publicly...

But in my Patreon I will.

Starting from $5


To my most loyal fans, I love you!

I want to do something special for you...

I want to create something just for my fans and supporters. I want to give you an opportunity to really get to know me!

So far, you’re probably used to seeing me teaching style & elegance on YouTube, when I’m in my more professional element. Now’s your chance to come behind the scenes and hang out with me “after hours”, when I’m my most casual and unfiltered self!

I invite you behind closed doors...

Get to know me the same way those in my close circle know me: the brutally honest Anna who will tell you everything (with a weird sense of humour and blunt straightforwardness…oops)!

Behind closed doors, I will be chatting to you the same way I chat with my girlfriends: No BS, just relaxed girl talk.

Always from the heart.

Introducing to you: My Patreon

Why Patreon?

As much as I love teaching style, elegance, and leveling up, we could have many other important conversations that just wouldn’t work being published in the public space. This is why I want to publish them behind closed doors, to have completely unscripted conversations (that the general public never get to see)

PLUS, there are some things that are too complicated (or too juicy!) to share publicly, but my unfiltered podcast is where we go deep and brutally honest on the things women love to discuss. If you ever wanted to get relatable, insider chit-chat from me — like my girlfriends do — you’re in the right place! 


Here’s what you’ll get inside my Patreon:


100% Honesty

If there's one thing I know *fortunately and unfortunately*... It's how to be brutally honest and never beat around the bush. I will tell you things exactly how they are and never sugarcoat the truth.


Personal stories

I love sharing and keeping a personal connection with my fans. I will be generous with story-times and past experiences so we can all learn from them together.


Life Updates

Learn about life as I go through it myself. I will be open and at times vulnerable with you. Whatever lesson I learn in life as it unfolds I will be sharing it with you in my life updates.



Do you want to influence our conversation topics? Well, now you'll be able to! I will give an opportunity to some of you to get your questions answered in my monthly special Q&A episode.


Archive & Mystery box

There will be surprise content, a mystery box with all kinds of interesting things. We will also go deep into my archive of deleted videos that were never supposed to be seen again. Until now...


Hang out with me

Overall, this will be a time where we can virtually "hang out together". Whether I come along as you multi-task in your daily life. Or you sit down and enjoy my video podcasts with your favorite snack or beverage.

I invite you behind closed doors, let’s hang out…

Get access to my most unfiltered content
by joining Patreon!

What to expect?

My Patreon has three levels and you can choose which one suits you!

All the levels will get the Mystery box which will offer surprise content and mixed bonus content.

The “Spicy” and “Extra Spicy” levels are where you get my unfiltered podcast and all those conversations I can’t publicly share. The “Extra Spicy” level is for my mature and open-minded audience with whom I can share even more “tricky” subjects that might not be for everyone.  

Mystery Box


Extra Spicy

If you lack time, don’t worry!

Let me come along on your drive, powerwalk, or when you’re doing chores around the house. 

My Patreon is structured so that you don’t have to follow along visually and can choose to have an audio experience only without feeling like “you’re missing out”. This is great if you lack time but still want to consume my content. 


What you will get:

Starting from $5!

Frequency of posts?

It all depends on what tier you choose! Everyone will get the Mystery box content a few times per month. If you opt for the podcast level, you will also get a minimum 2x podcasts per month. The extra spicy level will get a bonus episode. 

About Anna

I am Anna Bey, a course creator and content creator in the feminine empowerment space, teaching subjects like transformation (“leveling up”), fashion styling, and reinventing yourself.

Many people refer to me as an “elegance coach”, but I call myself a reinvention expert, as that’s something that sits closely to my own story.

I’m from Sweden but I live in Geneva, Switzerland with my husband. When I am not sharing and educating through my various platforms, I can be found at the stable riding my two horses, walking my dog Teddy, and spending quality time with those I value most.


Frequently Asked Questions:

There will be multiple Mystery box content pieces per month. And depending on what tier you’re on, you will get 2-3 podcast episodes per month.

It’s a website and app (I recommend downloading the app). You will be able to consume my content over there after you create an account with login details.

Patreon is much more personal and uncensored, versus my Youtube channel which is educational and formal.

The aim is to gather only fans and supporters. I want to have conversations with cool people only who “just get it” and don’t need disclaimers to understand something.

At the moment there are no such plans, but who knows, anything is possible!

The extra spicy level is intended only for mature people where I can have more sensitive conversation topics. This level will get an extra podcast episode per month that will be “more juicy”.

Not necessarily! Everyone is welcome, but the conversations will be more on female topics. 

No. I want to keep a sense of flexibility in case something happens in life that would hinder me from making content. We will then pause the billing system and nobody will be charged during a “break”. This is the most fair on everyone and annual payments would complicate this. 

The A-List is a private member’s club for women to network and mingle with each other. It’s not intended to be centered around Anna and her content, even if she sometimes drops by. Patreon is the home for creators who want to create a podcast behind a paywall.

Because some conversations cannot be shared to the general public and be available to everyone to access. Many creators are moving towards keeping their more “sensitive content” behind closed doors and only share it with people who are ready for it.

No, we don’t. But it’s easy to cancel anytime and you will only be charged for the month you’re in.

It’s really easy! Just log in to your Patreon account, go to my Patreon page and click “your membership”. 

Click “edit membership” and there you will be able to cancel with just one click. So easy and no need to contact support!

I will see you behind closed doors!

Join today and get access to the “Anna Bey Unfiltered” podcast – not available anywhere else besides on Patreon.

Starting from $5